Be beyond the others. Assist your client beyond a degree... Be beyond the others. Assist your client beyond a degree...

In today’s competitive employment market, career management skills are as essential as qualifications when it comes to securing a career. Our professional training programmes will provide students with all the vital skills and knowledge they need to distinguish themself from other candidates and successfully launch their international career.

The Australian Government has introduced amendments to the international student visa program to allow post study working arrangements.
This will allow international students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Australia once they complete their education. Student2Career offer a CareerMentoring programme/s aimed at maximizing their employment potential within Australia upon graduation.

Over the years we have developed a program called CareerMentoring that  works one-on-one with a student to assisting them in their career aspirations in their new adoptive home.  If the students IELTS score on graduation is overall 6.5 we guarantee three job interviews in their Industry of choice.

The CareerMentoring program is fundamentally based on the more time we have with the student the better the outcome the student will have.

CareerMentoring Program

Our CareerMentoring programme is designed for students wanting to maximize their employment potential within Australia upon graduation.
The programme is delivered individually in monthly one-on-one mentoring session for twelve consecutive months prior to the student graduation.
These monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions continue for an additional six months after graduation.

The program covers

A Mentor works with the student to develop a personal career strategy and action plan; with thorough knowledge and assistance in establish meaningful and beneficial connections and a clear understanding of how to be successful in the Australian employment market.

There are over 18 topics covered  in 12 months. Some of the topics covered in depth include: Australian work culture, your workplace rights, interview training, creating a social media presence that gets you results, how to network successfully, navigating the hidden job market.
Additionally, students will complete on-line abstract reasoning, verbal, numerical and personality testing.  A personalised and effective CV/resume and introduction page is composed for each student which is written by a Psychologist and a Copywriter.  They will also attend a one- on-one meeting with an immigration lawyer to consider the individuals visa requirements.

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Michael Boyd
founding Director of Student2Career
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Michael Boyd
founding Director of Student2Career
Michael has more than seven years experience as a General Manager in human resource consulting. Proven experience in delivering domestic and international Talent Management projects, Executive Career Coaching and Mentoring.
In addition, he has 18+ years of commercial experience holding National and Regional roles in Canada and Australia in supply chain, global mobility, sales, QA and HR.
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Mariusz Arcimonowicz
founding Director of Student2Career
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Mariusz Arcimonowicz
founding Director of Student2Career
Mariusz has a solid experience in managing all aspects of career management and recruiting students for Australian job market. Over the last 17 years he helped thousands of students to launch their careers in Australia and in their country of origin. With strong networking skills and capabilities creating motivation and empowerment for clients and businesses to reach their full potential. Experienced in building brand strategy for institutional clients in education market.


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